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10 Basic Rules of Phone Etiquette for Our Times

Rules of phone etiquette for our times make us a responsible user of the device. Know more…
Cell phone has made our life easier. A handy device with many features.
Multiple Uses of Phone
  • Connect to people across the world.
  • Access internet.
  • Use its camera for pics/record videos.
  • Play games.
  • Listen to music and so on.
We tend to use cell phone anywhere, everywhere and all the time. This habit can disturb and annoy people around us.
These basic rules of phone etiquette are necessary for our times to preserve social norms.
There is prohibition on use of mobile phone in certain areas - hospitals, schools, libraries, theatres, etc. Obey it to avoid serious action.
Keep your phone in silent mode when in a meeting/ social gathering. Your ringtone can disturb others.
When you need to pick an important call in the middle of a meeting, move out of the room with permission from others.
Respond to text messages and calls you have missed from family, friends, and colleagues. If you don’t, they feel ignored.
In case, you need to put your phone on speaker during a call, always inform the other person about it.
When in a mood to listen to music / watch video in a public space, use earphones.
Ask for consent from guests, before you take pictures/videos in social events. People may not like to be in your personal photos/videos.
Recording video of a music concert may offend musicians. As an audience, they expect you to give full attention to live music.
When out on a date, constant glancing at phone is a distraction which is easy to avoid.
Breaking up a relationship over text messages is unfair. Every partner deserves proper closure with a face-to-face interaction.
Be mindful about these rules of phone etiquette as none of us want to offend, hurt, annoy,  disrespect others.